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  1. Rear Rollpan
  2. Liftgate Appliques

Rear Rollpan Installation

Fuel economy is directly proportional to vehicle weight. Therefore, I removed the back bumper, the trailer hitch, the spare tire, and the spare tire hoisting mechanism. It saved about 250 pounds. I added a rollpan to replace the bumper, and I fabbed a chromemoly hidden bumperette? (I have not installed it.) I checked a few trucks with rollpans and they looked unfinished from underneath. These rollpans also collected a lot of dirt and corrosion. This called for a bellypan that flares the rear tires and makes a smooth transition from the diff to the rollpan.

I spoke to several rollpan owners who drive everyday, and they said that with roadside assistance that insurance companies provide, they have never needed a spare tire. If I travel out of cell phone range, I may have take my spare in the back behind the seats. I hope I don't need it. Please! Please!

Rollpan No BellyPan BellyPan BellyPan2

I ordered a Street Scene RollPan from Summit Racing. I used 8/32 rivet nuts in the body just below the liftgate. I did this just in case I wanted to restore the spare tire hoist, spare, rear bumper, and trailer hitch. There will be no evidence of a rollpan, if I need to restore back to stock. The license plate lights are trick LED lights that also bolt on the license plate.

LED licensePlate Light

For the bellypan, I used 1/4 20 rivet nuts on the rear crossmember just behind the rear Diff, and on the frame rails. I purchased some 16 gauge aluminum from Metal Mart. I cut, pounded, and sanded the sheet into 3 pieces. The center one and then two for the wheel flares. The wheel flare idea came from seeing a Toyota Prius. There are a bit of rivet nuts to hold the panels together. I painted them myself with Duplicolor spray cans (not the right color.), but I should have had Maaco paint them, as they did a really good job on the Rollpan. They even color sanded and polished it. The Rollpan looks better than the rest of the Tahoe.

Rear Applique Panel Installation

I went to Nor Cal Car & Truck Wrecking via E-Mail, or Toll Free: 877.760.3260 or 916.760.4111; and bought two 2003 Cadillac applique panels. General Motors part numbers 15045877 and 15045878 for the right and left sides of the liftgate.

It was just a matter of popping off the old appliques, cleaning up the area, and taking them to Maaco for paint.

Old Applique No Applique New Applique
Kara Macco Color Sanding Christy Sanchez

Maaco on Sunrise in Rancho Cordova did a tremendous job painting and color sanding. Maaco can be contacted by E-Mail. Or, 916.635.7776. Kara Syputa is the manager there. Christy Sanchez did the color sanding and polishing. She is the owner of CP Custom Details, and did the work at Maaco. She can be reached by E-Mail or 916.308.7708