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Front Suspension Modifications

Fuel economy is directly affected by aerodynamics. And, the Tahoe is aerodynamically a brick with a large frontal area. One of the problems with a four wheel drive Z71 is that it has extra ground clearance for off road debris, and that allows too much air under the vehicle, and raises the brick, and the frontal area, higher into the air. Therefore, I wanted to lower the Tahoe. I installed a Belltech dropped spindle, or steering knuckle, that lowers the front two inches. (I had already installed Eibach springs in the back to lower the back.) This also has the effect of lowering the center of gravity for better handeling going around corners.

Since I had the front suspension all apart, I installed some Energy Suspension‎ polyurathane bushings in the upper and lower control arms, and the shock mounts. This should make the suspension act in a more precise, and controlled manner.

Spindle Comparison
This image shows the difference between the stock spindle, on the left, and the Belltech spindle, on the right. The three bolt hub bearing carrier is two inches higher in the Belltech spindle, and that lowers the front of the Tahoe two inches.
Front Suspension Disassembly This image shows the front suspension disassembled.
The drop spindle and brake dust cover are powder coated red.
Moving the cursor over the image enlarges the image.
Drop Spindle Front Suspension Front EBC Brake Rotor
These images show the suspension put back together. There were problems with upper ball joints as the length of the ball joint shaft had the nut and cotter pins rub the front drive shaft, and had to be shortened. EBC brake rotors and pads replace the stock units for better braking with the increased horsepower. These are temporary until the larger brake rotors and six piston calipers are obtained, when funds allow.