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Bill Marshalonis: He was born in 1947 in Pittston Pennsylvania. He started drawing early in First Grade in 1955. He drew Army figures, and passed the drawing to his friend, Johnny, who drew competing figures. Johnny then passed it back, and Bill escalated by drawing tanks. Back and forth it went, each escalating until the teacher found out.

After serving in Vietnam with the U.S.Navy, He studied art at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. He sold his first Work, an acrylic on masonite piece, at a student show in 1975.

  • There is no "Joie de Vie" left in me.
  • As I age, I barely see;
  • Hardly hear; and slowly move.
  • I don't know what God is trying to prove.
  • Why me? Desultory and weak, I mutter, 'Let me be!'
  • As I turn up the TV
  •   ---- Bill - 2011